4 Rack Digital Smoker not available on Amazon?

Started by Lessreb, September 12, 2018, 02:55:48 PM

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I've been planning on buying the 4 Rack Digital Smoker and recently received several Amazon gift cards that I want to apply to the cost of one. I looked today and it doesn't appear to be selling on Amazon (only available from third party sellers). Any idea what happened? Is it discontinued or just out of stock? Does this happen often?


Habanero Smoker

Hi Lessreb,

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Click on "See All Buying Options". It will list some Amazon parteners that have them in stock. I'm not sure if you can use your Amazon gift cards or not; the checkout is unclear on this.

I'm not sure why Amazon is not selling them directly.




UPDATE: it's back! Thanks everyone! Can't wait to receive it and start smoking!