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Smoking fruit?

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Was at a swanky restaurant in Seattle and one of the dishes had smoked cherries in the mix.  It was a bit strong for that dish, but I thought that might be great for cocktails!

So I'm wondering - has anyone smoked fruit?  Cold smoke?  Hot Smoke?  How long?  What are the parameters?


I have tried apple-no good although i did not let it sit like you do cheese. Maybe after a few weeks it might have got better but threw it out.

Habanero Smoker:
Fruit is very tricky to smoke without over doing it. Most likely that restaurant used a smoking gun to add a smoke flavor to the cherries. For small amounts I use a smoke gun. The only success I've had with smoking fruit in the Bradley was pineapple rings. I smoked them for 15 minutes; just using the heat from the generator. Then glazed them with warm maple syrup, and immediately finished them on the grill.

The first time I tried smoked cherries was in a hamburger, it was unusual and very tasty. I`d never thought that such a combo of ingredients could be so perfect. I only smoked vegetables, as for fruit - I doubt it's edible=) Although... in some latin american countries they cook bananas that way, as far as I know. I'm a fan of all sorts of unusual combinations, as a rule I go to or chinese restaurants for that. It's boring to eat the same thing, I donno about you guys, but I can't even look at pizza and hotdogs anymore.

Habanero Smoker:
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