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How Many Bisquettes Can Meat Absorb?


Very new to the smoking world, and recently picked up a 6-rack digital smoker.  So far so good really, as I've successfully smoked 2 briskets and 2 pork butts in sub-30-degree temps in Michigan.  I went overnight for both of them and decided to go "low and slow" at around 200 degree heat because I had plenty of time.  The briskets went for about 12 hours and the pork butts went for like 16 hours.  I basically decided to keep feeding the smoker pucks for the entire cook time just in case, but I went through a buttload of pucks in the process, and it had me wondering if I was overdoing it.  I'm sure it varies from meat to meat and opinions will vary on this as well, but I got to believe after a certain amount of hours, the meat has had all the smoke it needs or could absorb and smoking after 6 hours (for example) is just a waste of pucks.  Any insight on this?

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There is smoke penetration, and there is smoke adhesion. Under the best conditions smoke will not penetrate more than 1/4" deep into the meat. The conventional wisdom is that when the surface of the meat obtains the temperature of 140°F, there is a change in the protein structure, and smoke will no longer penetrate. Then there is smoke adhesion. As long as the surface is moist, smoke particles will adhere to the surface of the meat.

For briskets and butts, most of us will apply 4 - 6 hours of smoke. Some say using more than four hours you are wasting bisquettes. There is one member who when he smokes brisket fully loads the feeder tube, and when that empties he adds another four hours of bisquettes. So it is a personal choice. Poultry you are looking at 2 - 3 hours of smoke. Too much smoke can produce a bitter flavor, or ashtray like flavor. So the amount of smoke is to your own taste. Have you tasted any of the brisket or butts from that cook yoiu used 16 hours of bisquettes?

Thank you for the reply, I’m doing some butts for the Super Bowl and will give the 6 hours a shot!

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