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Bacon Cold Smoked: Do I Need to Cook Any Further Before Frying?

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I have cured some pork bellies. With the cold weather here in Ontario, I was able to cold smoke them. My question is this; if cold smoked, is there any reason I could not just slice package and fry, as per store bough bacon? The recipe I am using calls for a cooking session which would bring the bacon to an internal temperature of 150-155.

Any down side? I don’t see a food safety issue…
Thanks in advance, Al.

cathouse willy:
As long as you handle the bacon as raw and cook it before eating you should be fine.

Habanero Smoker:
The only downside I see is if you used a lot of sugar during the curing process. If you used a lot of sugar, bringing the slab up to 140°F - 145°F (latest USDA temperature for pork) you don't have to fry it that long to get it crisp. If fried at a higher temperature it will usually burn. If it is "sugary" fry it at a low temperature, or bake the slices in the over at 350°F.

Thank you both, this has been helpful.

Just stopped in the site and saw this. I do a lot of maple sugar cured cold smoked bacon. Hab is spot on about baking it at 350 to cook it. It will crisp up just right without burning like it would by frying it in a pan over the stove top.


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