just wanted to say thanks to bradley tech support

Started by bmichael, January 20, 2019, 08:44:23 PM

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I just wanted to say thanks to the Bradley tech support team I bought a smart smoker a few months ago and when I unpacked it the smoke generator wasn't working I called them and they sent a new one out and it didn't work when I called back they had me talk to one of the technicians who was very helpful and friendly he had me send both generators back he tested them and found out they were no good and he called me to let me know he was personally going to test one and make sure it works and about a week later I finally got a smoker that has been working great with no issues I was starting to get disappointed with this purchase but  I am glad I stuck it out and got everything working instead of returning it for a different brand the tech support team is truly first class and very easy to deal with
Bradley smart smoker


Glad to hear you were patient in enabling Bradley Cutomer Service to see that you got the product you wanted in good working order despite the glitches. I bet it made them as happy  as it did you to be up and running. Good luck experimenting and smoking!
It's going to take a lifetime to smoke all this.


Glad everything is finally coming together for you. Nothing is more frustrating than opening your new toy and finding it isn't functioning properly, and then the replacement part fails! Bradley service is top notch and is more than willing to make you happy. Just glad that everything worked out and you are another happy smoker. Good luck and welcome---enjoy.