New Bradley Professional Smoker: Dimensions? Electronics?

Started by jebjr, August 03, 2019, 10:16:46 AM

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Hi Ya'll from Colorado Here!
For years I've owned the original Bradley and loved it! Around 4 to 5 years ago I upgraded to the digital smoker and love it! But now some of the digital numbers are partial or almost gone and getting hard to read.

2 Questions:
  What are the outside dimensions? My smoking shed is a 2-door wide but shallow rubbermaid shed I built on wheels, installed dryer ductwork and a curved metal vent on top and a shelf inside for the smoker and accessories. I installed an RV cord door that I can open and close the flap for the extension cord. Rainstorms or  snow storms or outside temps. don't stop me from smoking. I just want to make sure it fits my shed.

  Is the Professional Smoker using the same electronics/hardware as the Smart Digital Smoker? Iv'e read a lot of bad reviews and problems on this site and the Cabela's site.



Also... Could someone send me specific instructions on how to send pics to my account so that I can show-off my cool set-up?


Does the new Bradley PRO offer anything worth the effort of upgrading? Are you satisfied with it, John?