Bradley BS1019 Professional Grade Smoker

Started by Bradley (Head Office), March 12, 2019, 04:56:08 PM

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Random question,

Is anybody using puck savers with the P10? I know some use them in the other models, but wasn't sure if anybody does with the P10. Excited to get mine delivered!!

Habanero Smoker

There is no need for puck savers when using the P10. The bisquettes are delivered by a turntable which moves one bisquette from the bisquette tube to directly over the burners.

Don't load your bisquettes until after you turn the main power on. If you load before turning on the power you will lose one bisquette. This is because when the power is tuned on it performs a self diagnosis, and part of that diagnosis is that the turn table rotates a half of turn, and will place a bisquette over the burner. Then the P10 will automatically feed a bisquette to the burners when the burners reach the appropriate temperature. Also do not advance a bisquette right after you turn on the smoke, because the same will happen. So if you are going to use the advance button make sure the bisquette burning if up to the right temperature.

If you have any questions about the P10 or issues please post; there are a few of us that have them and can help you.