Temp variances and a pid question

Started by Rene_P, June 02, 2019, 03:42:44 PM

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Like many I have read on this forum I am rather frustrated  with the  20 degree temp variance of my BDS.  I see many references about a pid controller.  Not being the most technical guy I am wondering if there is a dummies guide to pid controllers for the BDS.  How do they work?  How are they setup?  Etc?

Thanks everyone.


Look there at the bottom in blue, there's a link that you can clic on named setup guide. It's very easy to understand.



Click on either of the two links below.  A stand-alone PID controller for the Bradley starts at $143.  If you want to do a DIY and install one in a project box or the smoke generator you'd be spending around $70-$80 altogether.

Programmable PID Controller for Bradley Smoker

Dual-Probe PID Controller for Bradley Smoker

The one below is what I installed in my smoker generator. At $42 it was fairly inexpensive.  Since you mentioned that you're not tech oriented I would recommend getting one of the stand-alone versions above.

1/16 DIN PID Temperature Controller (For SSR)



I would hope so, for nearly twice the cost.


I have one and wouldn't change it for even anything [emoji16] Wouldn't go back to the regular dual probe anymore for sure.


Hello Rene_P and welcome to the forum. I have the Auber dual probe for my Digital 6 Rack Smoker, and it is very simple to set up and use. Now I wouldn't smoke without it. The temperature swing is 1-2 degrees and works fantastic.