Bradley Newbie!!

Started by langmotorsports, June 20, 2019, 01:56:00 PM

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Hello All.......Bradley newbie that has wanted to give one a try for many years.......have had almost every smoker imaginable.  Wondering if there are any tips/tricks you all know and would be willing to share with me?  Excited to fire it up and put it through the paces!!


Hello langmotorsports. Welcome to the group. I hope you are in for a great experience.


Hello langmotorsport and welcome to the Forum. There is the Bradley web sight with many recipes and many members here who are willing to answer any and all questions that you might have. Enjoy your experience. 


Welcome to the club. If you have ANY questions don't be afraid to ask. A lot of good help here although it may take a while for an answer these people have been through a lot of it. There was a time when this board was visited by more members and you could get answers in 1/2 hour which was great, I think most members are on Facebook or some other site now which does not help us who are not on Facebook. Just don't like being tracked for everything you do.