Original Bradley not heating past 125F

Started by aarex, July 10, 2019, 06:36:15 PM

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We had a heck of a storm which blew my smoker off of the table i keep it on, now it won't heat past 125F

No PID, just the dial
The Smoke Generator works
I took apart the cabinet and inspected the heating element and the connections on the back of the cabinet it appeared to be ok.

I read another post who suggested i plug the cabinet directly into a wall outlet and confirmed it does heat successfully (I never fully tested but i got to 180F after 5ish minutes so im pretty sure the cabinet itself is fine)

I opened up the generator box, it was pretty dirty with wood chips everywhere, i cleaned it out and inspected what i could...i dont see any obvious things that appear broken.  I noticed when i turn the dial on with power the power light on the dial kind of flickers....not sure if that means anything but i thought i'd mention it.

Any suggestions on what i should be looking into?

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Hi aarex;

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for providing such a detailed posts. The only other thing I can think that you should check is the short power cord that connect the generator to the cabinet. If you have a multimeter check the continuity of the hot, neutral, and ground wires. Unplug and plug the short power cord several times, especially on the generator side. If that doesn't work, open the generator and check the wire connections at the plug, and make sure none of snapped off.

I don't have the dial type model, but could you explain when the light flickers, does it do it at all settings, or at the lowest or highest.



Well i've been wanting to get a PID since i got my smoker, i guess now's as good of time as any :)


You could try bypassing the dial as well, to see if that is the cause of the problem.