Today I had an epiphany.

Started by Alusardi, November 25, 2019, 10:53:13 AM

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Hey everyone,  Today while cold smoking some cheese here in south FL the outside temperature is 70 degrees. ❄️❄️❄️And while I plan on buying the cold smoke adapter, in the mean time I have been putting large bowls of ice at the bottom of my 4 rack original. But while running back and forth periodically opening and closing the door to let some cooler air in i all of a sudden remembered how my homemade ice cream maker has me mix the ice with SALT !  I have plenty of kosher salt for brining so I thought "what the heck" I'll give it a try. And guess what???? It works ! I am now 10 degrees cooler and in the butter zone for smoked cheese ! I have a 4lb salmon fillet in the fridge in a dry brine and in about 30 hours it's gonna get some colder smoke love ! Even though the temps are gonna climb in to the lower 80's BRRRRR ! I hope this work for you .

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So you just add salt to the ice? If os how much?

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When I want to keep cold food cold on a buffet line, I will place a pan of ice water (mostly ice) and sprinkle salt over it. It not only drops the freezing point, but it also seems the ice lasts longer. I will then nestle the serving bowls in the ice/water, to keep the food cold. I never measured the amount of salt. I would just lay down a layer of ice, generously sprinkle some table salt over it, and stir it up a little.



As far as the os goes I personally use Apple but I guess that's not everybody's cup of tea . LOL  As far as the salt goes I had about a quarter of a box of Morton's kosher salt leftover and dumped 1/2 of it on some ice in the lower bowl and put on some more ice and dumped the rest on the top. It brought the temperature down about 8 degrees !

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If you have been touched by an angel please tell an adult !