Author Topic: Great sausage recipes?  (Read 1650 times)

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Great sausage recipes?
« on: September 29, 2019, 05:39:51 pm »
I’m looking for a great sausage recipe. I shoot a few deer a year and want to try a new recipe. I like spicy, so maybe a chipotle or Cajun sausage? We love kielbasa too. I have pork fat from one of our hogs that we put in the freezer, should I use bacon or pork butt instead of the fat? Thanks guys!

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Re: Great sausage recipes?
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2019, 04:08:39 pm »
Here is a recipe I have done many times. I get my seasoning from a local butcher but you can get it online here.

 It is called Grandpa Josh's snack stick seasoning.

December 3 2017. Outside temp 40. Smoked 4 lb of pepper venison sticks for Steve using Granda Josh
snack stick seasoning. Mixed the night before and put in frig. Took out and stuffed
into callogen casings and put in smoker using 2 hours of oak. Preheated smoker to 150
for 1 hour then down to 130 for 1 hour,started smoke and turned up to 140
for 2 hours,then 1 hour of 150 the 1 hour of 160,then up to 170 until IT hit 155.
Took out and let cool. Took 6 hours.
3# medium ground venison
1# 50/50 mix of ground beef from butcher
2.56 oz of mix
2.56 oz of tap water **
1 tsp of cure#
6.4 ounces of pepper cheese
Came out great

and here is another one a guy gave me some srirachi seasoning. Again I used Grandpa Josh's.

September 16 2018. Outside temp 85 . Made Gregg's venison pepper summer sausage. Made 13 lbs using 9 lb
venison to 4 lb pork. Mixed ingredients with meat and put in frig overnight. Smoked for
2 hours using hickory. Preheated smoker to 150 then turned down to 130 for 1 hour then started smoke and turned  to 140
with smoke for 2 hour then to 150 for 2 hour then 165 until  IT  hit 155
Soaked casing for 1/2 hour in warm water.
9 lbs venison
4 lbs pork
13.26 ounces of seasoning mix
2 1/2 tsp  of cure
2 tsp liquid smoke
3.72 ounces  water
1.90 ounces of minced garlic
3 T sriracha pepper seasoning
Came out excellent. Greg said perfect for the masses but he could take it a little hotter. next time try 2T per 6lbs
Took 7 hours