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Question: Dried Smoked Sausage
« on: December 11, 2019, 05:56:13 pm »
I had some dried sausage the other day that was smoked for 24 hours and it was really good so I've decided I wanted to try to make my own dried smoked sausage now.

Has anybody tried doing any dried batches yet?

I have made dry cured sausage before and hung it up for weeks but after hearing and trying some that was smoked to dry I am interested in seeing if I could make a batch now and am curious if anybody else has made any.

Previously I have smoked and then dehydrated pepperoni to get the texture I was looking for but has anybody tried the same technique or have any advice or how I should try it out?

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Re: Question: Dried Smoked Sausage
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2019, 02:25:57 am »
Hi 308Silverado;

Welcome to the forum. Other's more knowledgeable will be answering soon.

I just want to mention that often when you see a recipe that states smoke for 24 hours, or 2 days or 4 days etc. That doesn't mean that you are applying smoke the full time. Smoke is only applied for a short period of time, while the sausage is going through the fermentation period, and/or drying. If you have a Bradley you may want to apply only 2 hours of smoke at the end of the fermentation period or just after the fermentation.

Below is an article that explains this. It covers all you need to know about fermented sausage, just scroll down to the section that is titled "SMOKING".
Fermented Sausages