Shameful Customer Service

Started by Chodaguy, March 24, 2020, 01:33:42 PM

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 I the 4 rack digital smoker smoker last fall (not even a year old) and also the Bradley cover to go over it.  I have used the smoker 10-15 times since I have owned it.  All the black paint on the top of the smoker around the vent has buckled and is peeling off, spreading outwards and exposing the bare metal below.  Anyone else have this issue?  I called customer service and the gentleman who called me back told me not to worry?!!! When I told him that this was not an old unit and well cared for he said that this was a known issue and that the heat and moisture were the cause.  I asked him if this was a design flaw and he said that in newer units they no longer use that material around the vent.  So he confirmed that it was a design flaw.  He also tried to tell me an analogy that he had owned numerous BBQs before until he finally got a Napoleon which was quite expensive and will never go back.  Basically he told my I bought a crappy smoker and I should next time spend more money to get a better smoker!!!! I told it was the best one they offered at the time and he said they have a new professional series smoker that I should have waited for because then i would have no need to call customer service...Am i wrong in being really upset about this?  BRADLEY's CUSTOMER SERVICE TOLD ME I MADE A MISTAKE IN BUYING THEIR PRODUCT!!! Oh ya, they dont warranty paint.  I even offered to trade in and buy up to the newer model and he said they don't offer that service.  So I am stuck with a smoker that is slowly falling apart and Bradley could care less..... Really shameful and disappointing service.

Habanero Smoker

If this happened to you I would say you dialed the wrong number and got pranked.  :)



Quotehe told my I bought a crappy smoker and I should next time spend more money to get a better smoker

I'm with Habs on this, as a long standing Bradley Smoker user there have been problems associated with their smokers on rare occasions which are well documented on this forum, however their customer service receives almost universal acclaim and they stand by their product.

If this is a genuine Bradley Customer Service response on a genuine Customer Service phone line I can only imagine it would be a disgruntled employee which is one of the least likely scenarios. My suggestion would be to double check the relevant helpline number for your country, phone them again, do not rely on a call back, get names of people you talk with and let us know how you get on?

I have an 20 month old painted unit and the top is as smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom!  ;D ;)



Thanks all.  Was definitely customer service.  And definitely told me they will not warranty the unit.  But I will try again and see how it goes!! Fingers crossed.