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Can Bradley bisquettes be used in a smoker box on a grill?  If so, what's the best way to do it?  Wet or dry puck?

Habanero Smoker:
It is something worth experimenting worth, but never wet them.

At one time Bradley promoted the idea of using the bisquettes on gas grill. I've never used them on my charcoal grill, but did use them on my Weber Genesis. But I didn't use the solid bisquettes. Some years back Bradley didn't compress the bisquettes at tight as they are now, so I would have a lot of sawdust accumulated from each box. I would put this sawdust in a smoker box. Sometimes it worked other times it didn't. Sometimes it would produce smoke when placed on the grill grates, sometime it didn't smoke at all. Other times I would place the smoke box on the flavor bars, sometime it would produce smoke, other times it would flame up. It all depended on how hot I was grilling at.

For a gas grill, you may want to go with adding your smoke with pellets. You can use pellets in a smoker box, or purchase an A-Maze-N smoker (or something similar). When using either device, you must hold a lighter or torch to the pellets until they begin to burn with a flame. Let the flame burn a while until a good amount of pellets are burning, then blowout the flame.


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