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Ka Honu:
My OBS finally went out in a smoky blaze. After about ten years, even regular cleaning apparently didn't remove all the flammables from all the nooks and crannies and it caught fire during a tri-tip, sausage, and pork extravaganza this morning. I'd already pulled everything but the pork and smelled the fire within a few minutes so I even got to save my butt (so to speak). The smoker, however, is history. I move it a good "social distance" from everything else when I'm using it so nothing else caught fire. It was a sad day but it wasn't a disaster.

Anyway, I now have a couple of boxes of bisquettes and am not likely to buy another Bradley for the foreseeable future. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with the leftovers? I was thinking I could wrap them in foil (and pierce the packets) and use them to to enhance charcoal cooks with a moderate touch of smoke. Sound reasonable? Any other experiences or suggestions?


Habanero Smoker:
Sorry to hear about the smoker fire. Some time back I experimented with the sawdust that the bisquettes would shed; which was quite a bit. I have a few types of smoker boxes, two stainless steel, and the other cast iron. I also tried using the full bisquettes, during the time that Bradley was promoting using them in your gas grill; by placing them on the top grate. It was hit and miss, depending on how hot my fire was, and what type of fuel I was using. Placing them on the top grate of a propane grill didn't work that well unless the burners were on full. I have a Weber Genesis, and found placing them in a stainless steel smoker box, the on top of the favorizer bars worked better. With my charcoal grills, placing them in a smoker box on the grill grate directly over the coals worked better. Wrapping them in foil, would serve the same purpose as the smoker box. I never tried placing the smoker box directly over on top of the coals. You need to experiment, and adjust according to the heat of your fire.


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