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Re: First smoke problem
« Reply #15 on: July 10, 2022, 04:47:15 pm »
Orion and Manxman - A while back, I was gifted a well-used, stripped-down, four-rack unit.  I had to jury-rig racks, a vent shield and bowl. After a few smokes, the heating eliment died, and following advice found in this forum, it was replaced with a 900 watt unit. I also gave it a deep clean. Overall, the unit has given me good performance, except that regardless of weather, my completion times are often very "slow." 

Reading your advice has shown me a plethora of errors in my techniques. I have been doing so many things wrong! Ha!

I will be changing a number of practices and look forward to much better performance!

Thank you both for your generosity of advice.

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Re: First smoke problem
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Hi Bowfin47,

Welcome to the forum.

I agree, there is a lot of good information in this thread.


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Re: First smoke problem
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Welcome to the forum Bowfin47.

I remember when I first joined the forum and was met with nothing but kindness and support for a very green newbie!  :)

We have all benefitted from the advise of others and it is nice to be able to return that help as and when. No one helps others more than Habs I would add!  ;)

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Re: First smoke problem
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Welcome to the Forum Bowfin47 and enjoy with your smoking :)