Summer sausage and bactoferm

Started by CoreyMac, July 16, 2020, 11:43:23 AM

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Finally getting back to the sausage making game and I am interested in making summer sausage with bactoferm for the tang. My question the veterans, the instructions say hold the sausage at 86deg.f  to get the desired results. We have an oven with a bread proofing cycle on it that goes from 83 to about 97 deg f, will the 97deg temp be too high and cause issues? I can experiment and prop the door open with my thermo pro to monitor temp but how critical is the 86deg? 


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I've stopped making dried cured sausage some time ago, and lost most of the information I did have. Today I came across a chart on how temperature effects culture fermentation. The temperature is also dependent on the culture type. It seems the faster you ferment the more sour the outcome will be.

Starter Cultures Table



Thanks, that's good info. As it turns out the proofer cycle on my oven goes almost to 120f so that's out. Even just Turning the on oven light gives me about 90 ish deg so I think more experimentation is required.

Thanks for the advice

cathouse willy

 Corey, When I ferment salami I hang it in my smoker , the pid holds the temp I want just fine and I boost
the humidity with a pan of water.