Pork Butt

Started by 204Bradley, May 31, 2021, 03:37:57 PM

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Second go at pulled pork. I'll be bringing and infrared gun home to verify. I'm wondering if my smoker thermometer is off. 8lb boneless butt has been in for 26 hours. IT is 194. That seems like an awful long time.

Habanero Smoker

What cabinet temperature did you cook at? How long did it take to cook your first butt? My cook times for butts in the Bradley can run between 18 - 22 hours. Sometimes you can get a stubborn butt that just won't give up.

You can verify the cabinet temperature by using a third party thermometer. Just make sure the probe is at least a few inches from the meat, and that no meat drippings come in contact with the probe.



I just installed "CIRFAN" and Auber WSD-1200GPH PID,   While i checked temps my Bradley Temp on  Puck controller
was 34 deg out from PID and two other probes laying on tray by Bradley Coin sensor in back wall of smoker. Do not trust the Bradley one, run a couple of other probes to get a mid value reading and go from them.

Ps, i cleaned the sensor of residue from smoke and it did read a bit better.