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Solid wood puck


Has anyone experimented with a solid puck cut from a board with a hole saw.

Not that I recall.  There have been several people who have made pucks out of sawdust, although I don't know if the effort would be worth the cost savings.

For my personal cost saving move, I transformed my Bradley into a pellet smoker a few years ago when the pucks were in short supply and I learned about the A-MAZE-N pellet tube.  A $20 bag of pellets lasts me well over a year.

Habanero Smoker:
As TedEbear stated there are posts where some members have made there own out of sawdust. That process looks labor intensive.

There have been a few posts where members have tried solid wood pucks, some even have tried drilling several holes into each puck to help the smoking process. With a 125w burner they didn't have much success.

I tried a solid oak puck last year and it never got hot enough to actually smoke before it got pushed into the water pan. I placed it on the puck heating element and it got really hot, but never started to smoke, even after 30 - 40 minutes. So it was a fail for me.


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