Broken door mod.

Started by watchdog56, August 09, 2014, 04:50:06 PM

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Finally took the time and did a door mod. Kept getting tired of broken hinge and plastic so I went for it. IT was pretty easy and I think it looks pretty good if I must say so (but that is my biased opinion).

Hope this helps if anyone else want to try it.
Started with 1 flat piece strip of aluminum cut into 16 3/4" length;

Next got an angle piece and cut in 17# length;

Here are the strip cut with edges ground off so no sharp edges;

I attached one strip from the back and put the strip in front over the bottom lip of the back one and then attached them together using 2 screws;

Next step I attached the strip on the inside of the door under the metal cover but over the frame of the door in back using the screws that hold the magnetic strip on. I had to drill the holes into the new metal for the screws to attach to.

This is what the front of the door looks like now, no screws showing,there is a very small gap in between metal strip and where the door makes the curve but other than that this should work a lot better;

I then took off the hinge at top and put on a couple of 1 inch hinge. Here is what the outside looks like;I wanted to get screws that went through the frame of the door but the door is filled with styrofoam so I could not put machine screws in.

And finally the inside of cabinet where the hinge goes through;

Overall the door swings very smooth. Will be trying it out next weekend on a brisket.


Looks like a good fix up.
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Nice fix, bet that lasts a long time



After the hinges broke on my OBS a few years ago I did the Home Depot hinge mod, although the screws on mine do not go all the way through the smoker wall.  Regular sheet metal screws seem to be working OK.


For the life of me, I can't figure out where the flat strip is being used. I put two angle pieces on the bottom. But, does the flat strip go on the inside of the hinge side of the door? The screws I used on the door side of the hinges won't tighten. I got problems.


For the hinges, I used regular sheet metal screws that do not go all the way through the other side.  They are still holding well several years later.  If yours are not getting tight try the next larger diameter screws.


Thanks! I found some different screws that really tightened the hinge up. It swings good now! Still no clue what the flat strip was for, though. Glad I didn't buy it! LOL! Got a couple of ten pond butts to smoke (.99/lb.) tomorrow. Can't wait to try out my door mod. Thanks for the idea!

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Anyone else have terrible trouble reading the captcha letters? Sometimes I just quit trying to post.

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Door mod is still holding up after all these years. I don't do much during summer,more towards fall with venison sausage and winter months.


My mod worked well over the weekend when I smoked a couple of butts. But, I think my 1210 auber PID is broken. First, it would quit heating at 216 and this time it shutdown twice during the smoke and I reverted back to BS control. Guess I'll have to send it back for tech to look at. I just wanted to mention, I removed the original BS hinge pin, too, when I added the hinges.