trying to find racks , drip tray, and bottom tray with bowl

Started by Bootheel BBQ, October 23, 2020, 12:17:18 AM

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Bootheel BBQ

I hate to bother people with what seems to be a simple question, however , I've searched everywhere for replacement parts for my 4 tray digital smoker.  I rescued it from a friend who has not used it in over 2 years. It is fully operational and although I have been lucky that the door is still sealed when shut, the inside trays (4) , the v-shaped tray , bottom tray, and bowl are what I would consider a lost cause. I got the smoker for free and plan on using it as a sausage smoker this year.
Is there a shortage of parts, or do they not make replacements anymore? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as always. Hoping I can contribute some recipes and pictures soon . Thank you

Habanero Smoker

There have been several complaints of the lack of availability of replacing parts. So that members can better assist you, it is helpful if you mention what country you are from.

If you live in the States you can order a bottom tray from Yard & Pool. If the  the v-shaped tray (drip tray) has no physical damage; such as pitting or being badly bent, you should be able to clean that. If you can't find the drip bowl, many members have replaced the bowl with a disposable pan that can fit in that area.