Re: Hot water bath for Summer Sausage ??

Started by pikeman_95, November 22, 2020, 07:54:14 AM

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Re: Hot water bath for Summer Sausage ??

I found that photobucket quit hosting so I changed video companies. We did this batch in the late fall of 2019.
Here are a few ideas for a water bath. Many use turkey roasters but you need to watch the sides of the roaster as they get quite hot. You need to use some sort of stirring system and temperature control. I use a digital temperature control from Inkbird for accurate control. I also use one of them on my smoker. Here is one of the systems that I have developed for my sausage. You can hang summer sausages vertically with rods in the round hot water bath, or use the basket to just dump frankfurters into. I just cut the bottom of the basket off and use it to keep the sausage form coming in contact with the bottom. I also have a stainless tank that I do longer summer sausage casings in. I use a aquarium air pump and air stones to stir the water. The bubbles you see are just air and the water i not boiling. The water is not allowed to get any hotter then 165F but I usually try to just keep it at 160F. The inkbird controller turns the heat on and off to control the temperature with in one degree of my setting I did learn that it worked better to use individual tubes for each air stone and pump port. I use automotive vacuum tubing for the tube. It seems to strand up to the heat well.

First stuffing the sausage. This was last falls project 150#

Now hanging in the smoker. 1 hour drying time then 2 hours of heavy smoke then to water bath. This is the smoke we get after two hour of heavy smoke

first here is my round tank with the air stirring system working. Just click on the video.

here are a few stills of the sausage in the smoker and out of the smoker after two hours

and now my rectangular tank for the long casings.

Finished sausage is moist and completely cured and not over heated. The water does not wash out the taste what so ever. The fibrous caings are sealed on both ends and the water does not penetrate

Habanero Smoker

Hi pikeman_95;

Good to see you posting again. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.



Awesome setup and video:)  Thanks for sharing.