bad is this?

Started by Kalamazoo, January 30, 2021, 10:03:01 AM

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Upgrading to 900w element, discovered this. How much should I worry?

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Habanero Smoker

Melting of the insulation in the area of the temperature sensor and inline fuse should not have occured. The discoloration directly behind the 500w element would be considered normal.

It looks like you had an electrical fire back in that area. Your element probable did not burnout, but what caused that fire may have tripped the temperature sensor, and cause the inline fuse to burnout. I wouldn't do an upgrade, and send this photo, and a couple more closeups showing the burnt out area around the sensor and inline fuse. Some thing in that area caused an electrical fire. and it should be determined what was the cause.

Added Information:
I meant to mention in the above post to send the photos to Bradley. The smoker may be out of warranty, but it is something that they should be aware of. Also at times (not all the times), I have seen Bradley replace needed parts even after the warranty has expired.