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Started by plain ol Bill, January 30, 2021, 03:57:59 PM

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plain ol Bill

Hi again folks - I completed the 900 watt element install. Bypassed all the Bradley heat controls and wired the element direct. I was looking for everything to complete a PID system and noticed Auberins
had a complete control system already worked up and ready to just plug in and go. Much work, wiring, figuring how and where to put things, and frustration already done :-X!
Their Model: WS-1510DPMS anybody used this yet and opinions please.


Smoked BBQ topics

I've been looking at these PID controllers for my Bradley Smoker:


This Model: WS-1510DPMS costs $173.00 on their official website. Interestingly, WS-1211GPH (Programmable PID Controller for Bradley Smoker) is only $109.99 (on sale now).


I have a WS-1211GPH that I bought for my Bradley and love it.


I've been using the Auber WSD-1200GPH PID on my 6 rack Digital Bradley and love it. Makes smoking sausages, snack sticks and salmon so easy now without the fear of overcooking them.