Started by woodYL1001, February 17, 2021, 12:30:11 PM

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I have the smoke generator BTSG1 hooked onto a commercial freezer using for the smoke house part.  it has a house AC register that is about 7=1/2 by 14=1/2 in on the side at top for venting.  I am using a small gas burner inside it for heat.  My problem is the generator does NOT produce very much smoke and bisquettes are only burned on bottom.  Anyone have any suggestions.  I have talked with Bradley and first discussion with them they told me my bisquette burner needs to be replaced.  ordered it got it installed it and same scenario  So I called them told them my situation and had me run a test for them did that talked with them gave them results (same thing only burning on bottom)  they said i have them stumped and advise me to come here to see if any of you guys have heard of this???

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Hi woodYL1001;

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Many on this forum have complained that their bisquettes do not fully burn. One problem is that the burner plate needs to be clean, but that would not be the case here; since you just replaced the burner.

If you have an infrared thermometer, you can check the temperature of the burner. The test should be done where wind and cold temperatures will not influence the reading. Allow the burner to preheat for about 15 minutes. Once preheated take the temperature of the burner plate. It should read around 560°F. If not you may not be getting enough voltage. Check what other appliances are on that line, and see if you can turn those appliances off, or maybe change the line you are using. If using an extension cord make sure you are using the correct or heavier gauged than the generator needs, and use the shortest extension cord possible.

If you are getting around 560°F or a little higher, your burner is functioning normally. Sometimes I get half burned bisquettes, and it seems to depend on the type of wood. And other times when I'm cold smoking, and there is no additional heat from the heating elements. Also Bradley now compresses the bisquettes much more than they have in the past, and the don't seem to burn as well.

One other thought. If you are using a propane burner for heat, make sure you are getting enough oxygen for both the bisquettes, and burner to burn properly.



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I checked the temperature of my bisquette burner last summer and it was below the 560°F that was suggested suggested. Mine was around 450°F and my bisquettes burned up to around 90%. Like Hab mentioned it depended on the wood you use and the temperature of your smoke. When using low temperatures I find they don't burn completely, but when I use higher temperatures, like 280° with good air supply, I find the bisquettes burn completely.


Both Habs and Edward176 have made very pertinent comments and given some food for thought. I wondered just how big the commercial freezer you use as a smoke house is and does this contribute to the poor smoke density if it is too large?

You also mentioned an AC unit, is the smoke house mechanically vented or does it vent naturally?  I.e could it be sucking the smoke out too quickly? Could the vent be too big / effective? Forgive me if I have misinterpreted your original post re the vent?

Taking in to account the other posts could you have created a perfect storm of contributory factors including use of a propane burner affecting oxygen levels that is simply too much for the bisquette burner to cope with?

The puck burn time of 20 minutes is designed to slightly under burn them so as to produce a clean smoke which Bradley highlight in their sales blurb but in your case this does seem excessive.

At least you now have a few more things to think about and maybe work through!?

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Have you noticed if the pucks are not laying flat on the burner?  If they are not, take a look at the thread below for a fix.

Why my pucks don't completely burn

cathouse willy

 I would check the timing of the smoke gen. to see that the puck stays on the burner for 20 mins.Another thing to try is to close the vent some. The puck burner is low power so too much draft could cool it down, maybe try to partly enclose the burner with a metal box or pail to concentrate the heat.