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I recently acquired a used bradley original smoker.. have had it running every other day for 2 weeks.. love it.

My question: is there a way to use other wood than what's available in the pucks? I have a ton of maple, cedar, arbutus and oak shavings/chips that I keep separated for my various wood working projects and would like to try them out.. is it even feasible?

Welcome to the forum Accidentalaquarist, good to see you are making the most of your new acquisition.

Several people have made their own pucks with varying degrees of success, if you do a search on this site you will find some information that may help? Most of the info is probably quite old.

A Bradley owner acquaintance of mine who only lived a few miles away was one of the most successful at doing this using an old press he acquired second hand but in the end gave up because of a) the effort required and b) lack of a good supply of suitable “clean” shavings.... sounds like you have b) sorted already!  :)

Pictures are no longer available but having seen them first hand the finished product was comparable to the original Bradley pucks in terms of wood density and burned in a similar fashion.

There are other posts on this if you have a scout around.

Habanero Smoker:
Hi Accidentalaquarist;

Welcome to the forum.

Manxman is correct that making your own bisquettes can be quite laborious.  I have sassafras trees, black cherry trees and a few other varieties of trees; and use to have a peach tree on my property. So I understand your desire to use wood chips. When I had a desire to add sassafras smoke, or other wood flavors (even herbs), I would build a offset cold smoker adapter out of a cardboard box, and used a hot plate to smoke the wood chips. If you plan to use wood chips more frequently, you can build a permanent cold smoke box. I'm short of time for this morning, but if you use the search function to find post on how to make your own cold smoke adapter. If you have peach wood, that is the best wood for poultry, and pork.

Greetings Accidentalaquarist and welcome to the forum.


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