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Modding the BS611


I have seen the videos on the modding of the Bradley smokers, with doing the second heater coil, the conversion to the tempco 1500 watt heater. But i haven’t seen a video of taking the analog smoke gen off and replacing it with the newr digital smoke gen. I purchased the digital gen. To find out that Bradley states that the box isn’t wired with the temp sensor, but sell the sensors and that you can’t install the sensor. Can someone tell me why not? Is it really a technical issue or is it, if you want a digital/ buy a digital? But thats ok i’ll go buy an Auberns ws1500 gph pid controller and return the digital to Bradley.
Thanks for letting me rant 😤😤

Mostly because the digital generator won’t bring you more stability and accuracy VS the pid and the pid are plug and play unless you build your own. So if I’d choose, I’d go with the WiFi pid.

I modded my analog smoke generator by adding a PID controller from reading a how-to article elsewhere on here.  I did it years ago and it works great.  I know yours is a slightly different design but I recall someone showed pics of how he added a PID to his analog smoke generator that had a knob.

Habanero Smoker:
Installing a 1500 watt heater is over kill for the Bradley. You already have the Auber 1200 PID. A 900 watt heater is more than enough watts to modify your Bradley, the 1200 can be used with the 900w heater, and you will not have to purchase another PID. 

Here's the thread (with pics) on how someone installed an internal PID controller in the new style Bradley.

Modding a BS611


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