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Replacement Racks
« on: May 23, 2021, 12:13:27 am »
Where can I buy a new set of 4 Bradley Smoker Original Doubler Racks Model# BT4XR?  Nobody seems to be carrying any of them in stock on the internet.  Several years ago, I bought the smoker online.  It arrived with damage to the box and only two smoking racks inside.  I've smoked using the two racks that came with the unit and a couple of modified rack bought elsewhere, but I'm at a point where the original two racks and those modified, need to be replaced.
Would really like to know where I can buy a four pack to replace those that need replacing.
Since I don't get access to a PC very often, could you send a copy of any responses by text to my phone (253) 886-2510
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Re: Replacement Racks
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2021, 02:12:00 am »
Hi disaksen72;

Welcome to the forum.

Sorry I don't want to text the information. I believe you can login to this site from your phone using an app such as tapatalk. Also you shouldn't post your personal phone on a public forum.

You can get them directly from the Bradley site; $32 for a set of two, and they it states they are now made from stainless steel.

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