Smoke generator fuse

Started by Rene_P, August 15, 2021, 03:49:29 PM

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I am trying to check the fuse on the smoke generator and I am having an issue.  First the external know on the back that I needed to turn to get to thr fuse broke in many pieces when I tried to turn it.  Secondly after I removed the cover I to access the fuse container I cannot remove the cap.  I dont want to break even more..   How does it come off?


Habanero Smoker

Since the cap is broken, it sounds like you will need to replace the 10A Screw Cap Fuse Holder. You can try to google it or search on Amazon.

You want something similar to this. Make sure you order one that takes a 1/4" x 1 1/4" glass tube fuse, and don't forget to buy a fuse that will fit that holder.
10A Screw Cap AGC Fuse Holder

The 10A Screw Cap Fuse Holder is easy to remove and install, especially since you got the cover off.

  • First take a picture of the area you will be working on. This can be view for reference while you are reassembling the holder.
  • Next unplug the wires going to the holder; and note which wire goes to each terminal.
  • There is a nut holding the fuse holder to the generator. Unscrew that nut and remove that nut - you may find that a pair of pliers work best, but a wrench may fit in there. Once the nut is loosen, it can be easily turned by hand.
  • Once the nut is off, push the holder outward. Reverse the procedure to reinstall.