Smart smoker dead when plugged in.

Started by flashm64, December 17, 2021, 03:30:13 PM

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So I plug in & it doesn't start up and the power button doesn't come on either. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Thanks for any help.


I'd start with the power source and make sure the outlet has power.  Assuming it does, the next thing to check would be the fuse on the smoke generator with a multimeter.


Thanks, I plugged a different item into the plug I use & it works.
There's a small drawer like door under the power port that has 2 fuses in it, is this the fuses your referring to?


I don't have the Smart Smoker model, I have the Original Bradley Smoker (OBS).  However, there should be a fuse on the smoke generator that protects everything downstream of the power cord from the wall. As long as you verified that the wall outlet is working then next in line for power is the fuse on the smoke generator.  You said there are two on it?  If so, check both of them.


After bringing the generator inside for a couple days to make sure all/ any moisture inside was dry, it still didn't work when plugged in. So I took the side panel off the generator, there was chips inside from when the pucks are pushed in & I cleaned them off the best I could. Put all the plugs back in generator & it came on & works just fine. ??? Don't really know what happened, but happy  😊  it's working.

Habanero Smoker

Thanks for reporting back on how you resolved the problem.