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This is probably an old topic, but I havent been able to find the thread. I've got an 11lb fresh ham, brined and ready to go for 10-12 hours, depending on the environment. Question is, how much weight can I put on one rack. I've read about doubling them up, but not sure its the best option. Has anyone done the weight check to see?

Habanero Smoker:
Hi Scrollman,

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I cannot recall off hand, but it is not only the weight but how the weight is distributed. For hams, I like to smoke them on their sides, so a lot more weight is going to be pushing down on one area more than another. So a 11 lb. ham is going to put more stress on a rack, than a brisket that can weigh more. So long story short, when I'm smoking ham, I double up the racks for peace of mind. I also do this for turkeys that are over 10 lbs., or if I'm smoking the turkey vertically.

Pretty much what I thought, but better to check with the people who have done it. Thanx to Habanero smoker.


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