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Pucks don't advance when timer calls for it


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So here is the ongoing situation I am having.  The smoke timer counts down and at the 20 min mark the unit clicks however the pucks feed mechanism does not always cycle.  I have even tried to use the wood advance button which also causes a click but some times I have to do it twice and up to 4 times before it will advance.  Bradley replaced my generator once a long time ago and in reality I have only used the new one a maximum of 10 times because the second one started doing the same thing as the first after the 5th or 6th use and I get tired of hitting the button, this defeats the purpose of an automatic system.  I diagnosed the original unit, and I am assuming the second unit as well.  The circuit that causes the unit to cycle a new puck is always hot when the unit is not feeding a puck.  Upon reaching the time to feed a new puck the unit momentarily cuts the power on the circuit which is supposed to cause the motor to turn and the feed wheel to make a complete rotation at which time it once again closes the switch. The issue is that when the motor gets a little broken in it does not rotate fast enough to clear the switch before the power is applied back onto the circuit so the unit thinks the feed cycle has made a complete rotation when in fact it barely moved.  I guess my $500 non smoking smoker is headed for the trash.

Habanero Smoker:

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When you say "hot", are you referring to temperature, or that the electrical circuit is complete? Have you taken off the generator cover to observe what is happening when the advance button is pushed?

It may be a circuit board problem, and the motor could be out of sync. You should give Bradley a call.

If the generator is just making a clicking sound, you may have a jam, or a couple of gear teeth may be damaged. If you bisquettes are old, they could be damaged by humidity, and have swollen. This can cause jams. If you have a jam, or something is causing too much resistance, the motor will not make a complete cycle, and will only rotate partially, then reverse and return to its "ready"  position.


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