Briquettes getting stuck on slider

Started by Marxgt302, October 07, 2021, 02:51:05 PM

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I have a 6 rack digital smoker and while it is still new I have tried a couple times using it and the briquettes get slid off to sides of the slide and get jammed up? Not sure if this is due to not pushing off the burnt one properly or what. Any ideas of how to prevent this?  Thought of maybe PAM spray of something on the burning surface but not sure. Thanks!

Habanero Smoker

Hi Marxgt302;

Welcome to the forum. Do not spray the burner or the drive guide (slide) with Pam.

So from what I understand, the first bisquette makes it to the burner, then after that they get jammed up on the drive guide, and are forced off to the side instead of pushing the burnt bisquette off the burner.

When you remove the burnt bisquette off the burner, does it seem to be stuck to the burner, or are you able to remove it without any resistance? Also does the bisquette seem to be fully burnt?

Make sure that the burner is clean of all debris. If there is debris built up it can be removed by using a small wire brush, also a heavy duty (green) Scotch-Brite pad will work. Isopropyl alcohol can be use to help clean the burner.

Check to make sure the burner plate and the drive guide are even. If the burner is higher then the drive guide, it can be bent down somewhat. Just use light pressure.

Check and see if there are any wear marks on the sides of the drive guide.