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Frustrated with PID

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Boise Jim:
I have spent WAY too much time researching this problem. Got a PID (Auber 2362) with an SSR and TC, and got it wired up, which was a pain to figure out in the first place. Everything is working and wired according to the instructions, but it is not holding the temperature. The smoker still runs at full power regardless. I've changed the settings countless numbers of times on the PID but with no luck. When I try to autotune, it just cranks up all the way and the smoker gets to about 275 and just stays there, even after about four hours.

What in the hell could I be doing wrong?

cathouse willy:
I'll have a go at helping here. You say you had a hard time with the wiring? If you look carefully I'll bet you'll find a wiring error, a second pair of eyes could help, have someone else check it for you, often you can look right at the error and not see it. Make sure that the power to the ssr runs through the pids relay contact. It's also possible you have a faulty unit but recheck your wiring.
Hope this helps.

Boise Jim:
Thanks, CW. Yeah, that's how I have it. The + and - from the PID to the SSR, and the one like you said, plus the other wire from the SSR to the red wire at the plug for the heating element.

Boise Jim:
For people who may stumble on this in the future, Auber sent me a couple of good documents I'm going to try this weekend. I'll update this with my attempt to fix it.

Habanero Smoker:
I hope that resolves your problem.

Thanks for making those documents available to the forum.


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