Heating element replacement available?

Started by viking611, June 16, 2020, 11:12:06 AM

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Has anyone found any replacement elements?  They are sold out or unavailable everywhere google can find them - are they done making replacements? Bradley a thing of the past?

Habanero Smoker

There are just too many smokers out there and still being sold that use that element.

The following is just speculation. It may be a supply chain issue that is delaying the production. Or maybe they are redeveloping its design. When I first purchased my Bradley the covering of the element was made of glass, soon after they came out with the steel covered element. I also know that many years back Bradley was experimenting with a 750 watt element that was serpentine shape. Someone either deliberately or intentionally posted a picture of it.



I suspect it is quite possibly  a supply chain issue as Habs alludes to, presumably they are manufactured in China and there seems to be significant delays with stuff coming out of that country at the moment.

Perhaps people are also using their smokers more given many have more time on their hands currently and Bradley could have been caught out by an increased number of spare parts requests particularly if they operate a "just in time" supply chain model rather than keeping high volumes of spares available?

I would add this is purely conjecture, Bradley are not always the best at communication and I would phone / email them for the official version! :)


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