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Long time reader of the is forum but first post.

Has anyone used or know anyone who has used these Bisquette Savers?

Habanero Smoker:
Hi MaccaNZ;

Welcome to the forum.

I haven't used these or have tried anything like this. There have been several members in the past that have tried something similar that they had jerry rigged, using either pellets, woodchips, sawdust, or even solid wood pucks. No one reported any or very little success. Keep in mind that the bisquette burner produces temperatures between 450°F to almost 600°F, and the generator cycles every 20 minutes. So that may not be enough time for the saver to heat up for the wood to begin to smolder.

These may work since they have some mass, and will conduct more heat; but you should wait until this product gets a lot more written reviews. The reviews seem sketchy. Very few are written reviews for the 5 and 4 star ratings, and the 3 to 1 star ratings are not that good.

Hello MaccaNZ and welcome to the forum. I too haven't used this type of Bisquette Savers nor know of anyone who's used them. As Hab stated, the reviews are a little sketchy, and I'd be interested in seeing how they actually perform. Personally I'd probable use a smoker tube, or an A-Maze-N tray in my smoker, they burn pellets or wood chips, before playing around with this Bisquette Savers.   

Hi Guys,

And thanks for the replies. It does seem like a nice simple solution if it actually works, However to get the sent here is going to cost around $100 NZD so a bit of a gamble.

I see there are loads of threads and videos on making your own pucks, so for fun I might head down that path for now and see how i get on.


Habanero Smoker:
Making your own bisquettes looks interesting. If you try one of those methods, and have success; please let us know.


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