Replacement Case for the Digital Smoker

Started by DavidRWaterloo, April 22, 2022, 08:40:54 AM

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I have the four rack model and unfortunately the case has been damaged. Does anyone know a place that sells just the case? I don't see anything on the website and customer service has not responded.  :'(

Habanero Smoker

Hi orangebarbarous,

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If this is not a bot post, then you should have started a new thread for this problem.

The bisquette burner does not get red hot. On my original Bradley the burner would get around 550F. That is hot enough to get the bisquettes to smolder and produce plenty of smoke. Your bisquettes should burn without a flame.

If you have an infrared thermometer, take the temperature of the bisquette burner, after it has completely warmed up. If it is not around 550F, there is a problem.

If you are not getting any temperature reading above the ambient temperature, then you have a bisquette burner failure.

If you are getting high temperatures, but not close to 550F, try cleaning off the surface of the bisquette burner. If that does not improve the temperature, you may not be getting enough voltage to the smoker. Try plugging your smoker into another circuit, or unplug high wattage appliances on that circuit, and test the temperature again.

If neither of the above works, try contacting customer service again.