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Started by LindaCC, November 07, 2022, 02:54:53 PM

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Hi all,
I've been gone traveling for over a year and now back home to Bradley. Having the SAME issue that I see so many others have had with this model. It really is too bad as this really was the one we liked as I've owned 2 other models. If possible we would love to at least keep & use this body.

This was happening before I left however it never got resolved. I spent hours researching and doing everything that was suggested here. I took it apart and followed Habanero Smoker's instructions. Worked for a few passes then stopped again.
Finally had to cook Christmas prime rib so... I simply set a 20min timer and kept advancing puck on my own. Big hassle when you have 30+ people to feed.
Ok, here I am now preparing for Thanksgiving.

As it seems there are not many parts left for this model, I have...
A couple of questions:

1. Will the whole generator/motor etc.... that is on the original digital smoker fit & work into this smart (stupid) digital smoker body, that available to buy???.
2. Do I straight up go by another model???

I'm in a time crunch & not sure which is best.


Habanero Smoker

Hi LindaCC;

Good to see you back on the board. I hope your travels were wonderful and adventurist.

As you already know there is not that much information on the "Smart" smoker. I found the manual online, and the generator hookup seems to be the same, but that doesn't mean it will operate properly.

You would need to ask Bradley if you can swap out the generators, and use the digital generator. Hopefully they will provide you with the help you need, without talking to their legal department.  :-\



Thank You Habarnero. I will call them today.