digital generator swap with old style?

Started by hatteraspk, January 27, 2023, 06:06:44 AM

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Anybody know if the bradley digital smoke generator is interchangeable with the old stye?  My heater control is not working (appears the control box is not functioning) and I can purchase a used bradley smoker with a digital control ?

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Hi hatteraspk,

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The newer digitals are not compatible with the older models. When they upgraded the digital generator they changed the type of sensor, and the sensor wire that connects the generator to the back of the cabinet. If you hook it up as is, this change will cause a reading to a be a further 40 - 50 degrees off.

You will need to update your sensor that is installed in the back of your oven. According to Yard & Pool that can be done. They have all the information you will need to install a newer generator on your older Bradley.

Yard & Pool - New Digigtal Generator