Smoker shutting off

Started by Keelinddons, March 21, 2024, 07:07:06 AM

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Yesterday morning, I started up my Bradley smoker at 7am when the temperature was 48°F. By 8am, the temperature had only reached 54°F. Even when I managed to get the temperature up to around 110°F, it kept turning off. I tried using different extension cords and plugging directly into various outlets, but the smoker still shut off after just a couple of minutes. I'm baffled by what could be causing this issue.

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Hi Keelinddons;

Sorry to welcome you to the forum under such circumstancesm For us to better help you, can you tell us what model smoker you have.

From what you are describing, it could be a faulty heat temperature sensor. Have you added any appliances on the circuit the smoker is pulling current off of? If so, that may cause of drop in voltage.