P10 Dumps first Bisquette After 5 minutes

Started by n4khq, August 29, 2023, 11:45:33 AM

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I'm on my third try. I load bisquettes as per Wade Bradley youtube and the first bisquette gets dumped after 5 to 8 minutes totally unburned. As per instruction, load bisquettes, turn on P10, set temperature, time, smoke time. I can hear the bisquette loading. What I think is happening is when the cooking temperature is reached, Smoke time is started and it dumps the unburned bisquette. How can I prevent the problem? Thanks

Habanero Smoker

This happened to me the first time, and the same may be happening to you. Are you loading your bisquettes before you turn on the P10.?

Do not load your bisquettes until after you have turned on the P10, and after it has completed the self test, which includes the turn table making half a turn. What happens if there are bisquettes in the tube during the self test, a bisquette will be advanced to the bisquette burner. When the bisquette burner get to the proper temperature, which is 5 -  10 minutes, it will automatically cycle the "first" bisquette to the burner, and will dump the unburnt bisquette that was sitting on the burner into the water pan.