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Started by whitley1983, September 27, 2023, 08:33:34 PM

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So I have the Bradley smoker that has the temperature slider underneath the door. The slider knob is broken however I am able to slide it with a small flathead screwdriver to adjust the temperature but now I'm having problems with the smoke generator advancing the pucks forward. I've taken it apart and cleaned it and it seemed to work but then intermittently stopped working. Long story short I was wondering if I could adapt the smoke generator from the original Bradley smoker onto the one I have if I also bought a new heating element that is for the original Bradley smoker? I don't want to buy a whole new smoker at 600 dollars if I can buy 200 dollars worth of parts and fix my problem. My other thought was to buy the generator with the adaptor that they sell to adapt to a custom built smoke house that would fix my puck advancement problem but I'd still be using a screwdriver to adjust my temperature. Also, if I went the second route I'm assuming I'd then have to plug the heating element directly into an outlet and I'm not sure if the fuse in the smoke generator is for the adjustable heating element or for the smoke generator? Any advice would be welcome!

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I'm not much help on this one. I'm not that familiar with the New Original Bradley. You may want to check with Bradley Support, if what you are planning to do will work. They may or may not answer. They may see it as a liability on their end. It the new type of generator can be adapted for use with your smoker, that would be less expensive, and solve both problems. If you buy the smoke generator with the adapter, that would cost you more upfront. Plus that slider controller will not last forever, and a replacement part will be almost impossible to find, so you would have to rig up some other type of rheostat to control the temperature, or purchase a temperature controller.

Looking at the manual, it looks as if the only cord attaching the new dial type generator to the cabinet is a short jumper cord. Which would mean the heat is controlled by regulating how much current is delivered to the cabinet. If so, you would not need to purchase a new heating element, which wouldn't be a bad idea to have an extra one around. What you would need to do is either wire the heating element to bypast the slider control, or leave the slider control at full power. Then the generator should control the cabinet temperature.

Depending on how old you Original Bradley is, you may already have a short jumper cord. If you don't you would need to purchase one, to hook the generator to the cabinet.

But you will need to check with Bradley, or someone with the newer type of generator can add any information on this.