Bradley Digital Thermometer flashing HH, won't display temps

Started by stratachalup, January 23, 2024, 03:21:57 PM

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Worked perfectly last time (the first time) I used it.  Now it doesn't work and is flashing HH for the temp reading.

I've tried turning it off and on, plugging the probe in and out of the main unit, in various combinations.  When I unplug it, it will read LL for a minute or so, and then switch to HH. The probe is in a chicken breast, the wire isn't hung up on anything as far as I can tell.  There is no debugging info in the little user guide included.

Ideas welcome!  I've got a manual probe I'll be using to check when the chicken is done, but of course I'm not crazy about opening the smoker door each time to check it.


Habanero Smoker

I don't have the Bradley Digital Thermometer, but I do have some different brands, and over the years have had several different brands. Each brand has their own error codes.

The worst scenario is that you might have a bad probe. If it is still under warranty contact the retailer that you purchased the thermometer from.

Have you tried replacing the battery? I've had digital thermometers that when turned on had a bright display, but the battery was too weak to operate the probe.



I have thermo works probes and I have had to replace the food probe a couple of times. If you get the wires wet at all from cleaning it usually goes out so now I make sure I just clean the probe.