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Started by smokin_jer, May 23, 2024, 12:29:36 PM

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I've had the P10 for 3 years now. I clean the racks each time. I clean the smoking "distributor" and the tray about 2 times a year.
I haven't really cleaned the walls as they have developed a smoke "enamel".
I could scrape it off but it seems pretty well set. Wiping with a paper towel really does nothing and hardly gets dirty

How often, what and how. Should the P10 be cleaned ?

Habanero Smoker

In addition of what you do, I clean the drip tray, and diffuser after every smoke - along with the water bowl and grease bowl. I also visually check the shelving, to see if they need cleaning.

This is just a guideline; the frequency will depend on how often you use your P10. I take apart the bisquette dispenser at least once a year, and give that a good cleaning. If I'm using the premium bisquettes, they seem to produce a resin, so I may clean the dispenser two or three times a year, if I use that type of bisquette frequently. I clean the exterior once a year or when needed.

That build up on the walls is called seasoning and there is no need to clean that off; and it is better to leave it on. If the seasoning begins to flake, then you should use a wadded-up ball of foil, and gently scrub the sides to remove any loose flaking. A plastic putty scraper works well also. If there is any grease or food particles attached to the walls, that needs to be removed after you finish each cook.   

I almost forgot. I often clean the temperature sensor probe with isopropyl alcohol and a piece of a green Scot Brite pad.

One other thing. I wipe down the display panel and rotary dial, with a paper towel dampend with Simply Green, after every cook, ot shortly after.