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Started by chosa84, June 27, 2024, 10:11:46 AM

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Hello Everyone,

I was hoping for some help with smoking a leg of lamb. I've read some recipes and instructions on how to cook it but it doesn't say anything about if I should start the smoker generator while it pre heats or no and also how long I should do the smoking during the cooking time.

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Hi chosa84,

Welcome to the forum.

The smoke generator also needs to be preheated. It can take up to 30 minutes for the bisquette burner to reach the proper temperature to burn the bisquettes. If you don't preheat the generator, when you feed the first bisquette, the burner will not be hot enough to burn the bisquette, and the second bisquette may only be partially burnt.

To preheat the generator (bisquette burner), do not load any bisquette in the chute; after setting your smoke/cook temperature, turn on the generator or set your smoke time if you have the digital or P10. When the smoker is at the temperature you set, your bisquette burner will be ready. Load your lamb, then add the amount of bisquettes you plan to smoke the meat with - reset the smoke time if needed.

The amount of smoke is a subjective taste. For the Bradley most use 3 – 4 hours. For lamb I usually use hickory or pecan, and apply 3 hours (if I'm using the original or digital models; or 2 hours if using the P10). If you never smoked lamb before, it is always better to be cautious, and you should apply only 3 hours. You may also want to try a mixture of bisquettes, such as start with 2 hours of pecan or hickory, and finish with cherry. That combination will give your lamb a nice mahogany color.

I won't be on the forum for the rest of this weekend. If you have further questions, I'm sure someone will respond.



Thanks for the advise with my smoker. Only question I have is do I start creating smoke as soon as I put the lamb in the smoker or wait say hr and then introduce the smoke?


Prepare the generator as per Habs instructions then start smoking the lamb as soon as it goes in the Bradley, cooler meat takes up smoke better than hot so if you smoke for the first 3 hours then continue cooking the lamb until it reaches the desired temperature you will be good.

Nowadays I tend to cold smoke meat and fish for 2-4 hours depending on what I am doing before adding any heat but that is just my personnel preference.


Ok thanks for helping cause I've heard to cook it for a bit and when it feels silky then introduce the smoke to it.


It's crucial to preheat the bisquette burner in your smoke generator before loading any bisquettes.