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Started by amyz, September 02, 2006, 05:20:16 PM

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What flavor of wood would anyone recommend for smoking  a whole chicken??



I did a Roaster on Friday (yesterday) with 2 hours of Hickory and 1 hour of Mesquite.  Most would just do 3 hous of Hickory or something else.  I like the Mesquite mixed in as it adds some wildness or earthyness into the taste.

I could have done it 3 hours of Pecan but I did not have enough, I need to place an order for more Pecan.  Next time I might just do it with Pecan.
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I have tried a variety of different pucks on poultry since purchasing my smoker and have found maple and apple to be my favorite. I usually brine my chickens overnight using one of the many brine recipes found here or on other sites.



Hi,  I've settled on apple, about two hours worth - although that is only my taste.  I've used Alder too but come back to apple.  I use the chicken in pasta dishes and a great chicken salad for lunch.  It has a light smokey flavor.  I brine my chickens overnight as well and they are really moist and tender.  Highly recommend brining.  I always toss the skin as in my hands it comes out pretty leathery.

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I have tried mesquite for three hrs., and I really liked that.  Apple for four hours was pretty good too.  I generally rub them down with one of many dry rubs and put half a beer with some aromatics and vinegar into the cavity.  I usually toss the skin, as well.  Too smoky for me, but that is preference I guess.

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I've tried about all the flavors Bradley puts out, pecan is my favorite; followed closely by apple and maple.