Original Bradley Smoker - Heating Element Replacement

Started by gm528, July 07, 2024, 08:03:27 PM

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Hi All,

I've ordered and received a new Heating Element replacement.

(I've seen no information with the unit that I just ordered or on the old one)

My question is: Does the Heating Element need to be installed a certain orientation or direction? I see no markings saying which way to install to connect to the proper positive or negative wires?



No, you can install it either direction and it will work the same way. 

If you have a multimeter, compare the resistance of that new element to the old one if you want to see how worn the old element was.  A new element will read around 30-32 ohms. You can verify that direction doesn't matter by switching the leads and you'll see that the reading is the same either way.


Hi TedEbear,

Thanks so much for the quick response and the answer to my question. I'll check the resistance on both.

Much appreciated!!!!