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Started by amyz, September 18, 2006, 12:39:30 PM

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Has anyone smoked a Beef Roast in their Bradley?  If so, what did you use for brine, etc.....



I have done Chuck roasts (mmmmm), but not a Rib or similar cut, and they are two different animals. Do a search for "Beef roasts" here, and you will get a lot of good info. A lot of folks stay away from brines for beef. If your questions are about Chuck roasts, let me know, and I'll help best I can!


Hello Amyz,

   Yes you can do chuck roasts in the bradley.I did two of these not too long ago and they turned out great. I gave them a good rub down of cow lick rub from dizzy pig. Hit them with four hours of hickory/mesq.(only one puck of the devils wood) at 215. After the smoke was done I pulled them out and put them in a aluminum pan with probe in and sealed it up. Back in the smoker until it hit 200 deg., Pulled them out and FTC for a couple of hours. Then I pulled them apart, threw them in the crock pot with some sweet baby rays and let it heat through. Man was that good! ;D I cannot take credit for this since I did a search on shredded BBQ beef and member MWS already did something similar. Have fun and good luck :)



Biggun is right....chuck roasts are mmmmmm when smoked in the Bradley. I did a 4lb chuck roast yesterday and am enjoying the results this week in sandwiches and beef dips.  What I did was coat the roast in my favorite rub and then smoked using oak for 4 hours @ 210F. At that point, I removed the roast and placed it in a roasting pan. I poured 1/2 cup of apple juice and 1 - 14 oz can of whole roma tomatoes with juice over it and placed it in my oven @ 250F for 4 more hours. Very tender delicious results...... :P

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Here is a link to a arm roast I did it turned out real good. Nothing fancy done to it either ;D