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Hot Smokin Gal:
Just posted a recipe I'm trying and got the usual error message but this time my post did not take.  Any clue why?

Hot Smokin Gal:
Okay try this again since my question why didn't post? came thru.
This is for traditional bacon rather than Canadian style bacon.

Recipe I found on line:

For 5 pound pork belly

1 c sugar
1 c salt

For above two ingredients I used Morton Sugar Cure.  Had ordered regular but received smoked flavor so I guess I'll see if I like it.

8 oz molasses
I actually used about 4 oz molasses and about 4 oz pure maple syrup

1/2 gallon water
1/2 gallon apple cider
ground course pepper

Heat half of water and dissolve in the sugar, salt, and molasses.  Cool and add rest of water and apple cider.  Press black pepper into pork belly and submerge in cooled brine.

Recipe says to brine for 3 days, however, all I've read for sweet pickle wet brines says at least 1 day per pound so I'm going to let it go for 10 days as I made enough for an approx. 8 pound pork belly piece.

When done brining, remove from brine and pat dry and let form pellicle.  Smoke for 4 to 6 hours.  I'm going to use a combination of maple and hickory pucks.  

Hope this wet brine method takes the maple and apple flavors better than Cold Smoke's exerience.  I'll let you all know how it turns out.  The brine tastes like it should give a great flavor to the meat.  I've also got the remainer for the pork belly (was about 16 pounds whole) going with dry rub per MallardWacker's suggestions.  I used Tenderquick and brown sugar for a rub.

I also started two green picinics with combination cure.  If they turn out great I'll share how I did them.

Man, Iv'e gotts to try this brining thing, my problem is the fridge space.  Like the say, "if you want it bad enough you will always make room".

HSG: Please let us know how it goes!


Perryville, Arkansas

If a man says he knows anything at all, he knows nothing what he aught to know.  But...

Hot Smokin Gal:
Yeah, I usually wouldn't have room for all this unless I buy another fridge, but hubbies working out of town for several months so I don't have a stocked full fridge for a while.  Don't cook much when he's not home.  We just meet up at our land up in Bayfield, WI on weekends and I cook out over campfire or bring along the Bradley.  My past exerience with hams was with the Chief smoker.  We had bought a whole pig and sent it to the butcher for processing.  Asked for hams, but we got green ""ham roasts" so I tried bringing and smoking myself.  Didn't turn out too bad but these with the Bradley should be even better![:p]

Cold Smoke:
Thanks PAsmoker and HSG- I'll likely get those other bellies (had ordered 25 lbs) brining this weekend- I'll try both recipes and let you know how they turn out. [:)][:D]

Cold Smoke


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